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Where the relationship turns sour

It all goes down hill after that first fart. I have never heard my wife fart and never thought about it, but I let it go all the time around her and made jokes out of them like when she says something serious I'd ask "you know what I think of that?" "Blppp!" At first she smiled at my fart jokes but now she completely ignores them she would even not move when they smell too bad to stay in the room. I'm running from my own and she's just sitting there reading like nothing happened. "How are you doing that?" Anyways we came home one day laughing about something and she flops down on the couch and let out a big one. "The hell was that?" She looked at me and said you do it all the time around me. I just smiled and played it off but on the inside I'm like what the hell is wrong with her? and the smell. I just walked into the bedroom and turned on the tv and ignored it. i guess somewhere in me I think girls don't fart or something. It was the first time there was something I didn't like about her and seeing her that way must have became easy after that. Since then I kept finding little things about her that you know wasn't bad just not my taste. Our first argument came next thing you know it's been year and we almost hate each other completely. Oh, then she has the nerve to fart in front of my friends WTH? What makes you think you can just be comfortable enough to fart around me? and now my friends?
This is getting way out of hand. Where the romance go... I'll tell you where it went! It left with all the fresh air. How am I suppose to see you as the women of my dreams if you keep painting that flatulent picture of yourself in my mind? Hell I'm scared to come near you. should we change our diet? Should I wear earplugs and a mask on certain nights?

Naw I'm just kidding, farts can't ruin a relationship could they?

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Where the relationship turns sour, posted January 16th, 2013, 3 comments

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